Karen's original ice bucket challenge - Wizard World Chicago, 24 August 2014

  • Matt: Hey, did anyone see Karen's ice bucket challenge last night?
  • Karen: No, it's not online!
  • Matt: Is it not online?
  • Karen: I haven't--guys, I don't know how to get it online!
  • Matt: You're making excuses!
  • Moderator: Because Matt, you challenged her...
  • Karen: We did it last night! We filmed it!
  • Matt: We did it last night, it's on--oh no, I haven't got it.
  • Karen: It's on my phone, but I don't know how to put it online!
  • Matt: Do you think we can fit it on twitter or is it too big?
  • Karen: It's too big for twitter. It's pretty extreme.
  • Matt: It's FUNNY.
  • Moderator: Do you want to give us a play-by-play, or should we save it?
  • Karen: I think you've just got to sit and watch it, there's no explaining this thing. There's ice, and a bucket, and MATT. There's a doll that someone gave Matt yesterday at this convention that I'm holding.
  • Matt: Yeah, yeah, it made it through, yeah! I'm going to text someone and see if they can send it through.
  • Karen: What, how are you going to show it to everyone?
  • Matt: I'm just going to hold it up to the microphone and stuff. And they'll be the first people to see it as well, so it'll be cool. Oh, no, I haven't got wifi. DAMN YOU, INTERNET.

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    You see what he has turned me into? You kill him and I will help you destroy a thousand planets.

    make me choose
    holmesthethird asked: Irene Adler or Jamie Moriarty

    I like hot girls. And I like hot boys. I like hot people! What can I say? I’m shallow.

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    There is someone that I always wanted to meet.

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    lmfao how are we at a point where people are arguing that twelve calling clara a narcissistic needy gameplayer is good because it reassures clara that he likes her in spite of her ~biggest flaws~

    what in god’s name

    someone please save clara oswald from her own…

    I would love to see examples of her being self-sacrificial and being honest and assertive without being any of those things you listed. She is very self-centered, as shown by the fact that she was about to walk out on the Doctor and was only stopped because HER Doctor phoned her up and told her not to. I’ve noticed that you like to compare Martha and Clara, but they are NOTHING alike. There’s this thing called “trust” that Martha had that Clara doesn’t. So yes, I think Clara is a narcissistic needy gameplayer. And she needed to hear that from him.


    • Clara almost walked out on Twelve because HE WAS AN ASSHOLE TO HER FOR THIS ENTIRE EPISODE, which spanned over days. She had every reason to question who he was after he abandoned her in the Victorian era, left her to die with the clockwork droids, etc. The like one nice thing he did to her this episode was say he likes that she’s a laundry list of negative adjectives she isn’t.
    • Clara gives up on her dream of travelling to take care of someone else’s children because she knows how hard it is to lose your mom. What a narcissistic bitch.
    • Clara agrees to travel only on Wednesdays again because she doesn’t want to run out on these kids, even though she easily could just hope the time machine pulls through for her.
    • Clara gives up her beloved mother’s ring so that she can rent the scooter thing to go help a little girl she just met. Such a gameplayer.
    • Clara jumps into the Doctor’s timesteam after being told time and again that it means certain death because she wants to help the Doctor even if it means death. So… needy? (It’s not Clara’s fault that Steven Moffat is such a godawful writer he tells us something is “certain death” only to never even bother mentioning how the characters survived.)
    • Time of the Doctor was a hot mess, but Clara returns again and again to try and help Eleven even as he’s being an ass to her by sending her away, even though it might mean her being stuck on Trenzalore for the rest of her life, because she cares about him and wants to be there for him. But that’s “needy” I guess, because women showing affection is always “needy”.

    If Martha trusted the Doctor more than Clara it’s because Martha wasn’t travelling with a Doctor who was perpetually lying to her barefaced, trying to figure out her “mystery”, abandoning her and expressly leaving her to die because she’s “good on adrenaline”. But Martha and Clara are alike in that they are both mature, more cautious and less adrenaline-junkie than other companions (Rose, Amy), feel a deep sense of responsibility to their homelives, both of them put others before themselves to the detriment of themselves.

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